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Intermediate III French

Online, via Zoom

Tuition: $100 for 4 weeks, 1 hour per week

No minimum enrollment

Limited to 8 students

Textbook to be used:  Français Interactif (free online book) Chap.6

Contact me if you are interested in this course.

Have you already taken Beginning French? Maybe you've been studying French with an app and now you want to jump into a class and practice with actual people? Whatever your reasons for wanting to continue your French studies, see the list below to see if this level is right for you.  If you're not sure, schedule the free 15-minute placement interview and I'd be happy to place you in the correct level.  Join Penelope for this 4 week, online, mini-course, where you'll continue to learn the ins and outs of French, in a relaxed and fun environment, while speaking right from the start!

​Sample topics to be covered:

  • Describing places in a town

  • Become familiar with French cities

  • Listening for directions

  • Talking about the past (with 'être')

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